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Birth, Parenthood & Childhood Ceremonies

Celebrating life's milestones together honors our past, shapes our present and molds our future. Family life is abundant as there is rarely a dull moment as children grow through their lives into adulthood. Examples of Birth, Parenthood and Childhood ceremonies include Mother Blessings, Baby Blessings, Child or Parent Welcomings, Coming of Age Ceremonies, and Graduation.

Blending Families, Reunions, Significant Birthdays,


A welcoming ceremony for new family members, whether by birth, adoption or marriage celebrate the uniqueness and specialness of this new being and embraces a child with love, belonging, and security.  They know something special is happening, and they know it's all about them! Acknowledging our responsibilities to our children can be one of the most serious commitments we can undertake. Partners are transformed to parents, parents to grandparents, children to siblings and siblings to aunts and uncles.  ​​​

Ceremony can play a vital role in guiding your teenager through their coming of age transition, as your child takes on more mature responsibilities in the family and society. The child's input in designing a ceremony meaningful to him or her is anther way to honour their transition.

Whether your beliefs are secular, religious, spiritual or interfaith, or if you simply wish to celebrate in a manner of your own choosing, I can help you create a ceremony and a celebration that will be meaningful and memorable.


After our initial discovery call, we’ll have a process planning meeting and fill out a questionnaire about your life transition. Over a period of days, weeks, or months, I will plan your ceremony in depth with your input. We’ll then meet again to perfect the agenda and practice at a rehearsal the day before the event.


I work to ensure every ceremony I create is poignant, heartfelt and joyful. I would love to chat with you in a consultation so you may determine if my services suit you. I wish you all the very best for a magical ceremony and life ahead.

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