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House Warming or Blessing, Retirement or Career Transition

A house blessing ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for individuals and families to celebrate and land officially in their new space. After all of the planning and moving, its nice to be able to take a breath, celebrate your achievement and welcome family and friends to your new home. Or, you may wish to have a warm and quiet ceremony to reflect and give thanks for the gift of sanctuary. I’d be delighted to help you create the perfect celebration for this special space you call home.

Retirement is a time of transformation and renewal and is a major life milestone.  Work is often one of the primary ways we define our identity, so any job or career change, including a raises or promotion, offers us an opportunity to uncover meaningful or refreshing aspects of our lives. I can help you design a ceremony that includes a meaningful recognition of your accomplishments and gives you an opportunity to take a pause, to allow yourself to reconnect with your priorities, to fully realize the possibilities of your new circumstances and take control of your life.

After our initial discovery call, we’ll have a process planning meeting and fill out a questionnaire about your story and transition. Over a period of days, weeks, or months, I will plan your ceremony in depth with your input. We’ll then meet again to perfect the agenda and practice at a rehearsal the day before the event.


I work to ensure every ceremony I create is poignant, heartfelt and joyful. I would love to chat with you in a consultation so you may determine if my services suit you. I wish you all the very best for a magical ceremony and life ahead.

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